Q1 現在の業務内容を教えてください。


I`m in charge of the international sales department. While the department has “sales” in the name, the scope of the tasks is much wider covering also aspects of marketing, branding, logistics or product development. The main content would include communication with the international clients, as well as the end-users,  research of  individual markets and looking for ways to make our products more applicable and more attractive for various markets of the world, which can include anything from changing the action of the product through matching the local color demand all the way to using the right influencers to promote the product.

Q2 仕事をしていて楽しいと思える時は


There are many things which I find enjoyable about the work at DUO. One of the main things is a chance to work with a varied team of people, which goes for both the “internal” and “external” part of the job. Internally, working in fully Japanese environment gives me a chance to learn about this unique culture as well as improve my langugae skills, while externally, the various descent of our customers is always a major lesson about diversity and allows me to have an open mind about complexity of perspectives.  Being that we are still a mid-sized company, the work never turns into a routine and there are always new challenges and opportunities to find a creative outlet.

Q3 DUOでの仕事の魅力・やりがいを教えてください。


The biggest motivator for me has always been being able to work for a company which can truly aim for the top of its industry, to be able to take on the world, so to speak. Chance to work for a company like this, no matter the industry, is very rare and being directly in touch with the global markets, seeing the brand grow on daily basis, seeing the result of the effort put in is what makes this job every day of working at DUO satisfying. Becoming a global leader in the lure industry is not a dream, but a goal for DUO.